A connection is created anywhere between one or two water pipes by means of some version of coupling

conflict (kuhn FLIKT for vi., KON flikt getting n.) vi. getting contradictory; be in resistance; clash -letter. 1. a battle or endeavor, particularly an extended you to; war; 2. sharp conflict or resistance; clash; 3. psychological interference as a result of a conflict out of signals • Often Fran’s emotions disagreement together with her attention, this lady heart draw one of the ways along with her head pulling another. • Brand new Hundred Years’ Battle was an extremely extended conflict. • Todd’s sweet enamel is actually a conflict together with his need to diet plan. • Psychological argument can frequently originate from a desire to manage several or even more anything at the same time. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. battle, struggle]

face (kon FRUHNT) vt. 1. to face or see deal with-to-face; 2. to stand or oppose boldly or defiantly; 3. offer face-to-face with • The fresh boxers very first confronted one another more a couple of Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwiches. • A couple of fencers face one another which have essential weapons taken. • Eric discovered in order to face their fear of pussycats through getting their very own kitten. [-ed, -ing, -ation letter., -ational adj.]

You can simply experience you to Ted and you will Alice enjoys a connection

mistake (kuhn FYOOZ) vt. step https://datingranking.net/local-hookup/amarillo/ one. to combine right up; installed ailment; dos. to combine up psychologically; perplex; bewilder; step 3. in order to fail to differentiate between; err during the distinguishing • In order to mistake Gino, Jim went backwards together with possession prolonged facing your. • Anna confused actual incidents that have imaginary of them. • Charlie perplexed a great Chevrolet that have a keen Oldsmobile. [-d, perplexing, dilemma letter.] [Syn. puzzle]

Quick Review #19 Satisfy the term from column dos toward word away from line step 1 which means extremely nearly a similar thing. 1. performance

congruous (KON groo uhs) adj. 1. congruent; dos. fitting; suitable; compatible • Congruous data are identical shape and size. • When appearing in public areas, a person in Congress is anticipated to show congruous choices at the all moments. [-ly adv., -ness n.]

union (kuhn NEK shuhn) n. step one. an effective coupling, a binding otherwise unifying; a beneficial unification dos. a means of joining; step 3. a romance; 4. a corporate representative; 5. the brand new means of switching from just one show, bus, etc. on the way to somewhere; 6. a circuit when you look at the fuel; a type of correspondence between a couple facts in telegraphy, telephony, etc. • • • •

Partnership off automobile motor to radiator is via rubber line

Bill wanted a keen Ipod, and he thought their experience of the applying shop staff member you will assist him to locate that during the a good rate. • When Juanita travelled off New york so you can Miami, she must make an association on Atlanta. • Most electrical connections were created by the inserting a plug to the a good wall surface retailer. consciousness* (KON shuhs nes) letter. step 1. the state of paying attention; attention to a person’s very own thinking otherwise your surroundings; 2. the newest entirety of your own thoughts, ideas, etc. • Being out cold, Ali slowly restored understanding. • Stream of consciousness entails saying or writing whatever dad to your direct from the purchase so it do. • Understanding ways one another an awareness of and you will a preference to interact to the industry near you. consensus (kuhn SEN suhs) n. step one. an impression held by the all the otherwise extremely; dos. general arrangement from viewpoint • There was an opinion certainly Americans that democracy was an exceptional variety of government to autocracy. • Discover a consensus certainly one of boys one male motorists are advanced so you can women vehicle operators. • Interestingly, the opposite opinion is present among lady and you will, astonishingly, is actually backed by mathematical analysis. effects (KON si KWENS) letter. step 1. a direct result a task; outcome; effect; 2. a health-related end; step 3. the brand new relatives away from effect to cause; cuatro. benefits • A result of purchasing a special pen try an effective handwritten note. • Obtaining correct time should be a consequence of staying a beneficial new power on your wristwatch. • Caused by taking lots of dairy products just like the an excellent child might possibly be solid teeth and you may bones because the an adult. • The fresh new Emperor Maximillian’s presence within the Mexico in Western Municipal Battle try out of no results about war’s outcome. [consequent adj., thus adv.] [Syn. impact, importance]

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