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Several delegations recommended the decriminalization of homosexuality

Several delegations recommended the decriminalization of homosexuality

Over the next few days, the Council will review and take action on the outcomes of all 16 States considered during the fourth session of the Universal Periodic Review Working Group.

The Council will meet next this afternoon at 2 p.m., when it will continue its review of the outcome of the Universal Periodic Review of Azerbaijan, followed by the consideration of the outcomes of the Universal Periodic Review process on Mexico, Mauritius and Jordan.

MADICKE NIANG, Minster of Justice of Senegal, said Senegal had participated in a positive spirit in the Universal Periodic Review in February, and had adopted 30 recommendations formulated during the interactive debate. The same openness and transparency characterised Senegal’s response to the 10 remaining recommendations. In that regard, it was a clear fact that the act of being homosexual was not a crime in Senegal, and there was no legislative or regulatory prescription criminalizing homosexuality. That was why the authorities intended to continue to deal with the issue in a calm and moderate manner. The recommendation on the separation of powers was fully taken into account in Senegal before it was formulated, as Senegal was a State of law.

Fundamental freedoms were guaranteed by the Senegalese Constitution. Whether it be freedom of expression or freedom to demonstrate, those were currently assured. The recommendation on that issue was a further motive to pursue efforts aiming to constantly improve the level of enjoyment and protection of fundamental rights. With regard to discrimination against women and their access to education and health, the recommendation on that was in line with the chosen policy of Senegal in that field, and the Government had adopted important legislative and regulatory measures aiming to fight more efficiently against discrimination from which women suffered. continue reading