She’s which have a romantic relationship that have Brittany S

Santana Diabla Lopez was a sheer-blood witch. She first started probably Hogwarts College regarding Witchcraft and Wizardry inside the 1990 and you may is arranged into the Slytherin Household.

Penetrate. This lady has started the latest Beater of your Slytherin Quidditch group as the girl third seasons. She are a member of The brand new Directions and you can Hudbar’s Military.

Hogwarts decades (1990-current)

Santana was arranged towards Slytherin throughout the her first 12 months at Hogwarts. She’s been able to complete the earliest few years with very little occurrences. She come relationships Brittany S. Pierce inside her fourth year.

Identification and you may characteristics

Santana, eg Quinn, might have been mostly proven to be some thing off a cheerleading label. Short to successfully pass judgment, and you can insult and even bully other people. She feedback the lady bitchy behavior since the honesty. Santana seems to discover no issue flaunting the girl i’m all over this this new public hierarchy that’s High-school l or to feel promiscuous to keep ahead.  At the beginning of series, she acts more like a great sidekick so you’re able to Quinn, adopting the the lady purchases and usually letting her do all the latest talking. That it changes whenever Quinn is actually knocked off the Cheerios because of the Sue on account of being pregnant, therefore and work out Santana the head supporter.

Santana including shows periodic signs of generosity, usually toward Contentment Bar immediately following a good efficiency or in her relations which have Brittany. Deep off Santana are reduced concieted than just she seems to be. She has admitted you to definitely she wants being in Joy Club, and this is the greatest element of the woman big date. She observe up it confession that have directions if people requires, they are to declare that she detests they, proving one to she cares much on the the lady visualize. Santana is a much better people using Delight, she actively admits in order to disliking the folks regarding the pub ahead of joining, however opinions them just like the the lady translates to, closest family members, and even takes into account him or her their family (just who this woman is very defensive away from). Today this woman is much more caring and you can compassionate into anyone else, as an instance, relaxing Rachel, the girl former adversary whenever Rachel had this lady pregnancy frighten. Nonetheless, she can get noticed as an antagonist due to their suggest streak that is generally presented on the inform you.

She is very emotional at the certain times to have ridiculous factors (losing tanning rights otherwise lost the Breadstix tickets), and is tend to comforted because of the Brittany. Santana will get jealous without difficulty, especially when it inquiries the girl sexual people. She’s shown aggression to the Rachel, Quinn, Mercedes, Lauren, Artie, Rory and Sam while they are found to be inside the an effective connection with Puck or Brittany. It’s very likely that she does this as the she’s just alone, for this reason , she really wants to flaunt this lady image and you will character.

Santana is even considered to be pushy and convincing. Such, whenever Brittany chose Artie over this lady she lied so you’re able to Brittany regarding the cheating thus she and you may Brittany could continue steadily to intimate. Santana tries to get what she wants compliment of scheming, constantly and also make arrangements that would enjoys contributes to the woman choose, but the majority minutes they backfires. Instance, For the Produced Like that, she made a propose to get more votes to own Prom King complete with: Using Karofsky’s intimately so you’re able to blackmail him to help you becoming their ‘Beard’ and you will to quit becoming a great bully very she may get Kurt so you’re able to sign up get in McKinley. Although not, Kurt wound up effective the newest top.

Santana can be considered the absolute most perceptive character to the show. she actually is usually learning other people gifts just by observing. As an instance, when she discovered Quinn is cheating into the Sam that have Finn by seeing the alterations, brief changes in Quinn and you can Finn’s behavior. She spends it capacity to the girl virtue. In terms of friendships and you can intimate matchmaking she requires him or her extremely seriously. Of course somebody tries to damage the individuals she cares to possess she gets extremely defensive, examples as well as dealing with Sebastian plus the Warblers, by yourself, when he slushied Blaine leading to Blaine with eyes operations.

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