The van shown Gerri’s seats to help you their new house

express (kuhn VAY) vt. step 1. to bring from one spot to several other; transport; 2. to act because the a funnel or average to own; step three. to make recognized; 4. so you’re able to transfer (property) in one individual some other • • • •

Kaj expected Al to supply their condolences so you’re able to Cindy. Lisa shown her displeasure to Michael having a scowl. The deed conveyed term on the package away from Sally to help you Harry. [-ed, -ing, -in a position adj.] [Syn. carry]

conviction* (kuhn VIK shin) n. 1. the latest finding that one is responsible for a criminal activity; 2. the look or truth to be convinced; step 3. a robust trust • The newest criminal’s belief are to possess shoplifting. • Jill told having belief from the lady and you may Jack’s tumble into hill. • The fresh s to have metropolitan restoration which have belief. [Syn. certainty, opinion]

coop* (KOOP) letter. step one. a small crate, pen, or building having keeping poultry; 2. anywhere of confinement; (slang) a prison -vt. in order to limit such as an effective coop (always which have up) -vi. (slang) to sleep on the job; (slang) to find out, just like the off a jail (as with fly this new coop) • • • •

A few of the chickens keeps received outside of the coop. Because she are grounded, Olivia felt like she was at a good coop. [-ed, -ing]

corroborate* (kur AHB ir AYT) vt. to give cerdibility to the newest correctness out-of; to confirm; to help with; to strengthen • Willa corroborated Kim’s location at that time involved. • Another professional will corroborate the brand new credibility of your own Picasso lithograph. [-d, corroborating, corroborative adj., corroboratory adj.] [Syn. confirm]

cosmopolitan (KAHZ muh PAH li tn) adj. step 1. user away from a broad the main community; not local otherwise provincial; 2. perhaps not limited by regional habits, wants, or detests; step 3. embodying economic grace; fashionable; urbane • Max’s industry journey possess provided him a modern mindset. • A preferences getting Maryland crab desserts has received a modern impression, drawing orders from all around the world to help you packers towards the Chesapeake Bay. • The typical Western european money area dweller does have a way more modern look at anything than just their particular compatriot character. settee (KOWCH) vt. step one. to lower or bring down, particularly to reduce (a spear, lance, etcetera.) in order to attack status; 2. to put in particular or certain conditions or sentences; express • The brand new knight couched his lance as he happy to go into the lists and you can get in on the joust. (There is certainly a sentence you plan to use every single day!) • The new general’s caution is couched in the barely veiled dangers. • The new poet’s photographs was indeed couched in flowery code. [-ed, -ing]

Nights watchmen must strike big date clocks occasionally to make certain that its executives see they have not been cooping

counterfeit (KOWN toer fit) adj. step one. imitation out-of something genuine so you can ; feigned -n. a duplicate made to deliberately cheat; forgery; -vt. step one. and then make a reproduction regarding (currency, photographs, an such like.) usually to help you hack or defraud; dos. in order to pretend; feign • The fresh new fake Van Gogh you purchased yesterday having $40 is very well done but not really uncommon. • Counterfeit money in movement try a danger to any or all regarding the country- including the counterfeiter. • One to counterfeit was developed to p. (Merely trying to put some light with it.) • That isn’t best if you counterfeit U.S. money. • One to fake most people are regularly try alligator rips, brought an individual pretends in order to shout. [-ed, -ing, counterfeiter n.] [Syn. not true, artificial]

Contain the puppies cooped up on the place so that they do not get on the mischief

courage (KUR ij) letter. the newest attitude off confronting some thing known as hard, fantastically dull, or harmful, as opposed to powering or covering up of it; the standard of courage; fearlessness; valor • Acquiring the courage of the beliefs form being courageous enough to would just what that believes is the correct point. • Whenever facing a possible assault because of the vicious cat, Willis this new Pug presented great bravery. [-ous adj., -ously adv., -ousness letter.]

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